Hardwood Plywood

Brazilian Hardwood Plywood manufactured from White Virola
is available in interior and exterior glue. The standard size is 4'x8'
in the following thicknesses and quantity of sheets per crate:

Tickness: 4.0mm 5.2mm 5.5mm 6.0mm 9.0mm 12.0mm 15.0mm 18.0mm
Pieces / Crate
Breakbulk: 150 115 110 100 67 50 40 34
Container: 225 175 165 150 100 75 60 50

5.2 mm & 5.5 mm: Overlay and Better, Industrial
                           6.0MM & thicker: BB/CC, Overlay & Industrial

Softwood Plywood

Produced with reforestation softwood from the South of Brazil. The predominant species is Elliotis Pine and available in interior and exterior glue.

Combi Plywood

Combi Plywood is made of a combination of cross band veneers of Caribbean Pine (Pinus Caribae) and long grain core and faces of White Virola which is a native hardwood. This panel is available in both Interior and Exterior glue lines in a thickness range of 4.0mm thru 18.0mm. It is a cost effective choice for several applications.

Oversize Plywood

Also known as "Jumbo Panels". Sizes available in veneer-core plywood:

4'x9'    4'x10'   5'x8'   5'x9'     5'x10'  6x6´

This item is available in all thicknesses from 5.2mm thru 28.0mm


Cut-to-size Plywood

Made to order for furniture plants and processed by precision cutting machine.


Shuttering Plywood

Available in Elliottis Pine with oiled faces and edges sealed in 15mm & 18mm. WBP glue line. Smooth faces. A very cost effective product.
For more demanding engineering applications it is also available in Tropical Hardwood FSC certified with 180gr/cm2 phenolic surface film and sealed water-proof edges. WBP bonding. This product can also be manufactured of Elliottis Pine veneers thru and thru.


Marine Grade (BS-1088)

A multi-ply construction with phenolic glue that conforms to BS-1088. This plywood utilizes a denser hardwood throughout the panel to make it very durable to withstand any marine application. Available from 4.5mm thru 25.0mm in 4x8'.



 Used in a variety of cabinet applications, curved furniture parts and fixtures such as displays in department stores, restaurants, commercial buildings,etc. Most times it will be overlaid in a custom application with veneer, high pressure laminate, paper, stucco or plaster for finished colums or some other rounded surface. Available in tropical species, MR glue line LFE in short grain or long grain faces.