Commitment to the Environment

     Gulfstream is fully committed to sound forest management practices. We source our products from mills that are conscious of their environmental responsibilities and are either FSC certified or in the process of seeking FSC certification. The FSC certification process in Brazil can be time consuming and exceedingly costing to the mills. Forest land ownership is a major issue and can take months and months in order for the mills to obtain a flawless land title that will, for starters, enable the mill to qualify for  the certification process. This may delay the certification schedule far beyond what we would call a reasonable time frame.

     Some of our traditional suppliers are engaged in this process already for a long time and this is the main reason we have been unable to present to the market place FSC certified products except on a very small scale.

     As we share with our customers our frustration with the progress on  FSC certification we must not give up and should continue encouraging our mills to seek certification and work together for a better future for sustained yield forest products.